Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The demise of Canada Post, one of the greatest Crown corporations in Canadian history.

Canada Post is ending door-to-door delivery in urban centres. The following individuals and organizations contributed to the impending destruction of Canada Post, which was created in 1867:
Moya Greene-Moya Greene fought the Canadian Union of Postal Workers; closed post offices and mail sorting plants; locked out workers and increased the price of stamps...After attempting to privatize and deregulate Canada Post, she was appointed CEO of the Royal Mail in England. After fighting with unions and closing post offices in England, she privatized the Royal Mail.
Moya Green denationalized Canadian National Railway properties when she worked for CN Real Estate. At one time, CN Rail (the people of Canada) owned 100,000 acres of land, high rise buildings in London, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta; thousands of train stations, bridges, tunnels, mail distribution centres and hotels (the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa, Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta, Queen Elizabeth in Montreal).
 A YouTube video documents the destruction of a the London, Ontario high rise building, Google: CN building implosion, London ON. 
Moya Green funneled Canada Post properties to to CN Real Estate:
A 2007 Globe and Mail ad regarding a Canada Post mail distribution plant at 1500 rue Ottawa in Montreal, Quebec.
Brian Mulroney-As prime minister of Canada, he created a new Cabinet post, a Minister of Privatization. Planned to denationalize Canada Post and the Canadian Coast Guard.

The Fraser Institute-Since the 1990's, the Fraser Institute has lobbied for the devolution and privatization of Canada Post, Canada Mortgage and Housing, the National Parks in British Columbia, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada Place in Vancouver and Fisheries and Oceans Canada properties in British Columbia.

The International Monetary Fund - see the Internet article "Fiscal and Macroeconomic Impact of Privatization."

The Bilderberg Group - members include European royalty, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Gordon Brown, Bill Clinton and the heads of global financial institutions. The Bilderberg Group believes in the privatization of profits (for the rich), and the socialization of losses (for the masses.)
 The Rockefeller and Rothchild families and Chase Manhattan Bank had ties to Marathon Realty, the Canadian Pacific Railway's real estate subsidiary. Marathon Realty privatized CPR land that should have reverted to the Crown, the people of Canada. The General Electric Corporation and Oxford Realty paid almost a billion dollars for Marathon Realty, where former premier of British Columbia Gordon Campbell was an executive.

Real estate developers who built thousands of condos on Canada Post property-including 1500 rue Ottawa in Montreal, along the Lachine Canal, a National Historic Site of Canada. After years of damage inflicted by people such as Moya Greene and Brian Mulroney, Canada Post still owns billions of dollars worth of real estate, equipment and vehicles. I'm sure CB Richard Ellis, real estate companies and foreign governments are salivating at the thought of picking through the remnants of a once-powerful Crown corporation Canada Post.
Canada Post properties in Montreal in the year 1992. From: "The Directory of Federal Real Property-1992" which can be found at Library and Archives Canada on Wellington Street in Ottawa, Ontario.

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