Thursday, November 21, 2013

The B.C. government dissolved the Provincial Capital Commission.

The Art Deco building at 812 Wharf Street in Victoria features a ziggurat or a steeped tower.
The Provincial Capital Commission, a Crown corporation, owns many iconic properties in Victoria, British Columbia, including:
 The CPR Steamship Terminal,
 Crystal Garden,
Victoria's Inner Harbour,
The Belleville Ferry Terminal,
St. Ann's Academy
 The Wharf Street tourist centre.
Ship Point
Now that the Provincial Capital Commission has been decommissioned, expect to see a fire sale of heritage buildings, the Inner Harbour land and vacant properties. The PCC claims that the properties are worth $120 million dollars.What a joke.I'm sure that well-connected developers will be laughing all the way to the bank, once they flip the provincial Crown assets.
 Former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell wanted to privatize many PCC properties, Christy Clark is only finishing what Gordon Campbell started. In fact, he is probably giving her advice.
 Legally, the BC government cannot sell the CPR Steamship Terminal, Crystal Garden and Victoria's Inner Harbour because they were owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway, and the federal government reclaims reversionary CPR properties. Architect Francis Rattenbury designed the Parliament Buildings in Victoria; the CPR Empress Hotel and the CPR Steamship Terminal.
Victoria's Inner Harbour.The Fairmont Empress Hotel, a former CPR hotel, can be seen in the background.

The CPR Steamship Terminal in Victoria, British Columbia.
B.C. NDP MLA Carole James said: "There's a concern you could see the commercialization of these heritage buildings or the selling off of these assets that belong to everyone."(From: MetroNews Canada-Luke Simcoe,November 21 2013.)
 The people of BC cannot collectively sue the province or the Provincial Capital Commission, because of a 1996 law "The Capital Commission Act":
Protection against actions-6. An action or proceeding must not be brought or continued against the commission, a member of it or any person acting under its authority for anything done or omitted to be done in good faith, in the performance or purported performance of a duty under this Act."

Post Offices are sold through a multinational real estate company, CB Richard Ellis. I saw the CB Richard Ellis high-rise office building in Newport Beach, California,which is across the street from a high-end shopping mall, Fashion Island.
I'm just waiting for the premier of BC to proclaim that BC Place in Vancouver will be privatized, "to lower the deficit." BC Place was built on CPR reversionary land, so legally the people of Canada should be compensated if the stadium is sold. A developer will probably tear it down, despite the fact that BC taxpayers were on the hook for $500 million dollars,"for renovations."
The Fraser Institute is lobbying for the sale of Canada Place in Vancouver, with its white sails.Canada Place is now federally owned.

In 1991, the BC government managed 379 provincial parks covering 5,364,000 hectares of land.(From a 1991 Environment Canada directory.)

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