Friday, November 29, 2013

Former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell sold the Canadian High Commission in London, England.

A developer from India paid $530 million dollars for this beautiful, historic building, which will be converted into condos.
According to Huffington Post Canada, Gordon Campbell said:
"One of the things we decided as a government is that we're not in the development business."
Gordon Campbell has been in the development business for nearly forty years. At Marathon Realty he sold CPR land to developers, then created a real estate corporation called CityCore Developments. As Mayor of Vancouver, he changed zoning laws at False Creek and Yaletown, to facilitate real estate construction.
 When he was Premier of British Columbia, a thousand condominium units were built on the CPR Coal Harbour land, for the 2010 Winter Olympics Athletes Village; the condos were privatized after the Olympics.Premier Campbell wanted to sell off the Provincial Capital Commission properties in Victoria, B.C. PCC properties include the CPR Steamship Terminal, St. Ann's Academy, Victoria's Inner Harbour (former CPR property) and the Belleville Ferry Terminal.
 He was willing to privatize waterways in BC, for the benefit of  multinational corporation General Electric, (the massive Bute Inlet project) ---General Electric bought Marathon Realty in 1996.
 The CPR was a major shareholder of a forestry company, MacMillan Bloedel, which was sold to the Americans. According to B.C. NDP leader Carole James, Gordon Campbell gave away over one hundred thousand acres of forest land:
Gordon Campbell has presided over the biggest sell-off of public resources in BC history. Since 2004, he has given away 120,000 hectares of forest land to private interests.

During the Mulroney era, dozens of foreign embassies were divested, including the Canadian embassy at 2450 Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C. The building was sold to the Republic of Korea:
The former Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Surplus Property
3.(1) A department that has surplus Crown assets may a) Request the Minister to dispose or deal with the assets under this Act;
(b) Subject to such terms and conditions as the Treasury Board may prescribe, sell, lease,lend or otherwise dispose of or deal with the assets, either gratuitously or for consideration.

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