Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vancouver's Battle of Jericho 2013---Neighbouring communities are concerned about densification, and the potential loss of heritage buildings and trees at CFB Jericho.

The former military base, located on 52 acres of prime real estate in West Vancouver, may be sold to Hong Kong developer Li ka Shing, or to Credit Suisse, according to a Global News video "What will happen to the lucrative and highly-desired Jericho Lands?" by Geoff Hastings, August 15, 2013.
Li ka Shing built high-rise condos on Expo '86 land in Vancouver; the Toronto waterfront, and CBC property in the heart of Vancouver---The TV Towers on Robson.
Dream on, City Councillors, if you think developers care one iota about your vision for the Jericho property. Forget about affordable housing, re purposing the heritage buildings, saving the trees or a commemorative park. Open house meetings are nothing but a sham, an opportunity for community groups to make suggestions (that are ignored) and vent their frustration. Federal Canadian taxdollars will pay for the environmental remediation of CFB Jericho, while municipal taxpayers will be on the hook for new roads, water and sewer infrastructure, traffic lights... West Vancouver is one of the wealthiest municipalities in Canada, and Millionaires' Mile is located in the nearby Point Grey. Former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and multi-billionaire Jimmy Pattison live in Point Grey. Vancouver was already overdeveloped in early 1970's when Canadian singer and songwriter Terry Jacks wrote "Concrete Sea":
                                                  No one is meant to be
                                                  Livin' here in a concrete sea;
                                                  Everyone including me
                                                  Wishes he could be set free.
                                                  ("Concrete Sea" by the Poppy Family, based in Vancouver)

"The 1992 Directory of Federal Real Property", which can be found at Library and Archives Canada on Wellington Street in Ottawa.
Hostelling International re purposed Jericho Beach military property and the Ottawa jail on Nicholas Street:
Jericho Beach youth hostel.

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