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Never-before-seen pictures of HMCS Bonaventure, a Royal Canadian Navy Majestic class aircraft carrier. (1957-1970)



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1968 images of Ottawa, Ontario.



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The Canadian National Railway owned CN Towers in London, Ontario; Edmonton,Toronto and Saskatoon.

The CN Tower in London, Ontario was scheduled to be demolished on February 4 2001.
YouTube has a video (with audio) of the implosion--- in the background, fools can be heard cheering and laughing as the building bites the dust. The video is called "CN Building Implosion, London ON".
In May of 2008, all CN Rail employees vacated the landmark CN Tower in Edmonton, Alberta. A YouTube video documents the destruction of a train station next to the tower, Google "Demolition of CN Station YouTube."
The Edmonton CN Tower, owned by Canadians, then sold to Tawa International Inc. 

A 1997 Canada Lands Company property listing for the CN Tower Lands in Edmonton.

A Federal Directory of Real Property description of Toronto's CN Tower.

During the 1970's, the CN Tower in Saskatoon was the tallest building in the city.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Government buildings are symbols of democracy.

     The word democracy defines a political system, in which the citizens of a country have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives.
     The Canada Lands Company is a non-agent Crown corporation that operates at arms-length from the government of Canada, from the people. The Crown corporation describes itself as a "private company":
Canada Lands Company Clc Limited is a private company categorized under Real Estate and located in Charlottetown P.E.
Canada Lands Company Clc Limited is a private company categorized under Real Property Subdividers and Developers - Chilliwack, BC. 
Former Canadian politician Jake Epp said "While the federal government has Royal Prerogative on federal land, meaning it can do what it wants without being subject to municipal by-laws, Canada Lands has the same status as a private developer." (From: "Multi-level Governing-:Getting the Job Done and Respecting Community Difference-Three Winnipeg Cases." - 2007.)
The Crown corporation never was, and never will be, a private business.
1. The Government of Canada appoints the CEO and Directors.
2. The salaries and expense accounts of CEO's and Directors are funded by taxpayers.
3. Federal money is used to decontaminate properties before they are transferred, in pristine condition, to real estate developers. Millions of tax dollars were spent to remediate the former Canadian National Railway properties.
4. CLC land and buildings were collectively owned by the people of this country.
5.  Properties are transferred to the CLC via Privy Council Orders-in-Council, which are signed by the Governor General of Canada.
6. The Federal Heritage Building Review Office has to be consulted, before the Crown corporation can alter, demolish or sell a post office, aircraft hangar, federal penitentiary or any other GOC (Government of Canada) building.
7. In 1983-1984, taxpayers gave the Canada Lands Company $101 million dollars, see the 1984 Report of the Auditor General of Canada, Chapter 13.
Part of a 1997 Maclean's Magazine article about the disposal of Canadian National Railway real estate. The CN Towers, train stations, abandoned railway lines and land were transferred to CN Real Estate.Canada Lands Company.

Now the Canada Lands Company wants to sell $40 billion dollars worth of property owned by DND, Agriculture Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Corrections Canada, Canada Post...the list goes on, see "Let the Future Begin". (The above document is from the Fraser Institute, "Introduction When a Country".) 
In the United States, federal buildings are called "symbols of democracy.":
     "Federal buildings in many communities are the government's most prominent representation, a symbol of democracy" said David Winstead, Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service in the United States."It is important that these spaces are accessible to the public, and that they convey a positive image of the federal government." (2007). The Obama administration wants to sell 14,000 "surplus" federal properties, including buildings, islands and airstrips.

In 2002, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi planned to sell government-owned properties:
The Queen's Villa in Turin.
The 16th Century Palazzo in Naples.
The Island of Nisida Bagnara near Naples.
Three castles.
17th century forts.
150 acres of Sardinia coast land...the list goes on.

Samuel Livingston (1831-1897) was "Calgary's first citizen". A bronze statue of Sam Livingston by Alan Henderson can be seen at the Calgary International Airport. The Canada Lands Company plans to rent the Livingston Federal Building in Calgary, Alberta for five years, then demolish it.
Sam Livingston (From Wikipedia).

Statue of John Wayne at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. (1991). My sister lives in California.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Federal buildings in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Brooke Claxton Building, Tunney's Pasture.For twenty five years my stepmother worked at Statistics Canada, located at Tunney's Pasture.

The Confederation Building on Wellington Street is a Gothic Revival office building, designed by the Dominion Architects Thomas Fuller and Richard Cotsman Wright.I took this picture on July 1,1990, when Queen Elizabeth visited Ottawa for the Canada Day celebrations:
Uplands Airport in May of 1962:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Privatization by stealth.

     Canada Post and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation are in the midst of a selling frenzy; in fact, the director of real estate at the CBC in Montreal said she is "hacking away" at the Crown corporation's real estate portfolio, see the Globe and Mail article "CBC moves to find tenants for extra space in Toronto headquarters" by Steve Ladurantaye, May 7, 2012.
     To create that empty space, the CBC held a public auction to sell memorabilia, dismantled it's vinyl record and CD music collection; and closed the in-house design department.But the CBC could afford to rent office space in the Empire State Building in New York City for decades. And ordinary Canadians are  paying the over inflated salaries of these Crown corporation appointees.
Canadians are negatively affected, every time a Dominion Building/ Canada Post building is closed:
 unionized workers lose their jobs; people have to wait in long lineups to mail and collect packages, and heritage buildings are torn down to make way for condos. The Canada Lands Company bought Dominion Buildings in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
 Canada Post property sales:
Postal Station R, 2 Laird Drive in Leaside, Toronto. The City of Toronto received a zoning application in April of 2012, so that a 7-storey, 98 unit residential building can be built on the grounds of 2 Laird Drive. The property was worth $835,000 dollars, according to a November 15, 2008 article by James Cowan of the National Post.
Postal Station K, 2384 Yonge Street in Toronto, north of Eglinton - the site of Montgomery's Tavern was recently sold to a condo developer.
50 Charles Street in Rosedale, Toronto, Ontario. Closure announced in 2012.
772 Dovercourt Road in Toronto, Ontario.
1780 Avenue Road in Toronto, Ontario.
The Vancouver Post Office at the corner of Cambie and West Georgia - the property was sold in February of 2013 for $159 million dollars.
A post office near Teron and Campeau Drive in Kanata, Ontario. I noticed a "For Sale" sign, and the building is empty and covered with graffiti.
4895 Sherbrooke St. West in Montreal, Quebec.
5751 Sherbrooke St. West, Notre-Dame-de-Grace in Montreal, Quebec. Closure announced in January of 2013.
Snowden Post Office at 4944 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal. Closure announced in January of 2013.
The Pointe-St-Charles Post Office in Montreal - Closed in 2008.
Norwood Grove Post Office at 287 Tache in St. Boniface, Manitoba. Closure announced in July 2012.
Winnipeg Mail Sorting Plant on Graham Avenue in downtown Winnipeg. Closure announced in 2006.
1500 rue Ottawa in Montreal - The mail processing plat was built in 1977, on a plot of land next to the Lachine Canal.
The Olde Sandwich Towne post office in Windsor, Ontario - will close on April 26, 2013.

     In 1973, my mother applied for, and received, a sizable LIP Grant (Local Initiatives Project Grant) from the federal government. Her project, CONCERN, helped disabled and elderly people in the community---CONCERN employees raked leaves, mowed lawns, drove people to doctor's appointments, cleaned houses and apartments, etc., and no money was ever charged for the services. My mother rented an office in a  Lethbridge, Alberta commercial building, next to the J.D. Higginbotham Dominion Building; and she was permitted to borrow office equipment and furniture from the Canada Post warehouse in back of the Higgenbotham Building. I remember vividly, how beautiful the furniture was; and the typewriters and copy machines were top quality.
 Former Quebec premier Jean Charest does not want Canada Post, or any other federal government agency, to have warehouses filled with high-quality movable Crown assets---furniture, paintings, computers, carpets, automobiles, trucks...the list goes on. According to page 59 of "Let the Future Begin", $10 billion dollars worth of warehoused inventory should be sold. And I doubt if any money from the sale of movable Crown property will end up in the Canadian treasury. (See my March 22, 2013 blog "Let the Future Begin - a blueprint for Canada's federal government?".)
CONCERN employees and I, at a Canada Post loading dock in back of the Higginbotham building in Lethbridge - 1973.
Higginbotham Building, Lethbridge.
Actor Conrad Bain in Lethbridge - 1973.

A 2006 classified ad in the Globe and Mail newspaper. Either Canada Post or the Canada Lands Company were selling a massive property at 1500 rue Ottawa in Montreal, Quebec.

CP buildings in Toronto in 1992. (From: The 1992 Federal Directory of Real Property, Library and Archives Canada, Wellington Street in Ottawa.)
The document "Introduction When a Country" by the Fraser Institute. Money from the sale of CP property will never reduce the federal debt, CP can keep the proceeds from the sale of buildings, land, etc, see The Canada Post Corporation Act (1985).

Monday, April 8, 2013

More colour slides that were purchased from the USSR pavilion, 1967 World's Fair in Montreal.

Three images of Petrodvorets in the former Leningrad, USSR:
The fountain 'Danaide'.
An arbour in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Gala Hall in the Mon Plaisir.

Ostankino Palace near Moscow, Russia:
Ostankino Palace - The Blue Hall.
The Egyptian Pavilion.

Top suite of rooms.