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The federal government is closing the former American pavilion at Expo '67, because of "budget cuts".

Photo of me, A. Shaw, during a visit to Expo '67.
   Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadao designed the iconic American pavilion at Expo '67, a geodesic dome. In August of 1990, Environment Canada bought the pavilion for $17.5 million dollars, and the site became "The Montreal Biosphere".
     I believe the Canada Lands Company is behind the decision to close the Montreal Biosphere. I'll give you proof:

  1. In 1997, Jean Charest and the federal Conservatives outlined their vision for Canada in a policy manual called "Let the Future Begin". One recommendation - merge four federal government departments---Environment Canada; Natural Resources Canada; Agriculture Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Thousands of civil servants who work for the four departments have recently been given layoff notices; research institutions were shut down (including the world- renowned Experimental Lakes Area); Environment Canada's Environmental Assessment Review Agency has essentially been gutted; Fisheries and Oceans Canada decommissioned Coast Guard stations at Kitsilano, B.C. and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and 1,000 lighthouses were declared "surplus". In the year 2000, 780 hectares of land at the Agricultural Research Farm in Nepean, Ontario were transferred to the National Capital Commission. The Farm was bordered by Fallowfield, West Hunt Club, Woodroffe and Greenbank roads. Environment Canada owns the Montreal Biosphere.
  2. From:"Let the Future Begin" ---The responsibilities currently undertaken by DFO, Environment Canada, NRCan and AAFC will be transferred to "The Department of Sustainable Development". In 2008, the Conservatives created a law called "The Federal Sustainable Development Act."
  3. The Canada Lands Company is the lucky recipient of "surplus" Environment Canada, NRCan, Agriculture Canada and DFO properties. "Let the Future Begin" recommends that $40 billion dollars worth of federal real estate be transferred to the Canada Lands Company. The CLC plans to redevelop the NRCan Booth Street Complex in Ottawa---the CANMET lab has already been moved to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.The Dartmouth DFO rescue station will be sold to the CLC. Agriculture Canada is mothballing several experimental farms, including the Cereal Research Centre in Winnipeg; Delhi Research Farm in Ontario, and the Indian Head Tree Farm and Community Pasture in Saskatchewan.
  4. Cite du Havre was "The Gateway to Expo '67." According to an August 7, 1984 classified ad in the Montreal Gazette newspaper, "LA POINTE DE LA CITE DU HAVRE" was a Special Recovery Project for Canada Lands Company Limited.(LE VIEUX PORT DE MONTREAL) In 2007, Canada Lands Company sold Parc de la Cite du Havre to the City of Montreal.
  5.  Canada Lands Company is currently redeveloping Montreal's harbourfront, which includes land at Cite du Havre - Parcel A is 22 acres, and is zoned commercial and residential; and Parcel B is four acres of land, zoned as park land.
  6.  Canada Lands Company owns Canada's most historic, iconic buildings and structures---the CN Tower; federal penitentiaries; Dominion Buildings, the de Havilland Building, Bunker and Hangar at Downsview Park; Old Port of Montreal; and the Sailors' Memorial Clock and Silo No.5 in Montreal. (A  Dominion Building in Niagara Falls, Ontario was the police station in a 1953 Marilyn Monroe movie "Niagara". The building, previously occupied by Canada Post, Canada Customs, a police department and Manpower is boarded up and vacant.) I would not be surprised if the Dominion Public Building in Toronto, Ontario is sold; the property has already been given an assessed value, which is often a kiss of death for historic buildings. The Kingston Pen is apparently worth $17 million dollars.
  7. The Montreal Biosphere is being mothballed, because some well-connected developer wants the land. I hope the Americans repatriate Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome, and place it in a museum or site worthy of its stature. Although it will break my heart to see it go - most of the 90 pavilions at the World's Fair are gone, despite the fact that Mayor Jean Drapeau of Montreal wanted the entire site preserved. The most popular exhibit at Expo,owned by the U.S.S.R.,was dismantled and transported to Moscow.
  8. The Montreal Biosphere conducts research on water and ecosystem protection. Environmental laws have been gutted in Canada; and Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement gives multinational corporations the right to sue the Canadian government, if any public policy or government action denies them investment opportunities or profits. The government of Canada is giving an American company access to glacier water in a national park--- the subsidiary of a Phoenix, Arizona company, is building the Glacier Discovery Walk in Jasper National Park. And the federal government privatized the operation of hot springs at Kootenay, Jasper and Banff national parks. Environment Canada is responsible for Parks Canada, and thousands of Parks Canada employees have been told their jobs are in jeopardy.
Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Agriculture Canada and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans are being dismantled. 
Our national parks are being devolved to the provinces.
Revenue Canada will merge with the Department of Finance.
Welcome to Canada, Incorporated. Not Canada Limited, or the Dominion of Canada. Multinationals will go to great lengths to profit from this country's resources and historic buildings. 
READ: The North American Free Trade Agreement.
             Jean Charest's Plan Nord project.( Jean Charest was the federal Minister of the Environment from 1991- 1993.)
            Let the Future Begin by Jean Charest and the Conservative Government.
            Introduction When a Country by the Fraser Institute.
            Blue Gold: The Battle Against Corporate Theft of the World's Water by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke.
The Montreal Biosphere was the American pavilion at the 1967 World's Fair in Montreal, Quebec.
  1. Expo 67 photographs of my stepmother.

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