Monday, March 18, 2013

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is privatizing social housing.

     The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation was created in 1946, to house returning World War 11 veterans and their families. In subsequent years, the federal Crown corporation built affordable housing; funded urban renewal projects; preserved historic neighbourhoods; gave Residential Rehabilitation grants to homeowners, to repair and upgrade their houses; gave Research and Development grants to scientists; redeveloped Granville Island in Vancouver and built Habitat in Montreal; launched a Green Building Program...The CMHC was given the United Nations Peace Medal in 1982 for "promoting a better understanding among people of the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) countries, as host of a study tour on housing, building and planning." 
   The Conservative government of Brian Mulroney basically privatized and commercialized the agency---properties worth millions of dollars were divested, including Habitat by architect Moshe Safdie.
Habitat '67 in Montreal, Quebec.
In 1985 "The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Act" was created:
Section 28 (1):
     "The Corporation has the power to manage, acquire, hold, lend, lease and dispose of real and personal property."
 (The Mulroney government planned to privatize Canada Post and the Coast Guard, see Page 296 of the book "On the Take" by Stevie Cameron.)
The Kingstonian Apartments at 780 Division Street in Kingston, Ontario were built on public land, with public money. But the housing development was denationalized:
A 2007 classified ad from the Globe and Mail newspaper. The Kingstonian Apartments were renamed "Frontenac Place".
In 1991 the Mulroney government planned to sell Benny Farm, located at Notre-Dame-de-Grace in Montreal, to property developers. And in 1998 the residential land holdings of the CMHC, worth $62 million dollars, were transferred to Canada Lands Company, a Crown corporation that "disposes of" government buildings and land.
The Fraser Institute lobbied for the devolution of all Canada Mortgage and Housing holdings in British Columbia, to the province of BC.
 British Columbia, a beautiful province tainted by years of political corruption--- Expo '86; BC Rail; BC Ferries; closure of campgrounds at provincial parks; Sea to Sky Highway; the renovation of BC Place; sale of provincial buildings, parkland and waterways...
A Fraser Institute document, calling for the devolution of CMHC real estate to the province of BC.
The "piece of vacant land in North Vancouver" the Fraser Institute referred to is probably the 672 acre Blair Rifle Range and Mountain Forest (CMHC). And the land is worth billions, not $80 million, check out Google Maps for all the proof you need. Hundreds of thousands of trees would have to be sacrificed, to accommodate residential housing.
The Blair Rifle Range in North Vancouver was owned by DND from 1927 until 1967, when it was sold to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. (Image is from the Directory of Federal Real Property.)
As far back as 1995 the Government of Canada wanted to redevelop the Blair Rifle Range:
National Housing Act - 1995-1825 - Authority to enter into a SUPPLEMENTARY AGREEMENT between the Crown, the Province of BRITISH COLUMBIA and the CANADA MORTGAGE AND HOUSING CORPORATION which provides for future changes in the active party responsible for the development of the land comprised of the former BLAIR RIFLE RANGE, located in the District of North Vancouver.

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