Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kingston Penitentiary will be closed on October 1, 2013..

Kingston Penitentiary is a National Historic Site of Canada, and the Main Cell Block and North Lodge Building 2 are Classified Heritage Buildings. However, when KP and the Isabel McNeil halfway house are transferred to the Canada Lands Company, the complex will lose all heritage designation and protection:
     The Treasury Board Policy on Management of Real Property stipulates that departments must manage the buildings they administer so as to conserve their heritage character throughout their lifecycle...Crown corporations do not fall under the policy. It applies only to real property owned by the federal Crown.
( From: Page 2.)
Document mailed to A. Shaw from the  Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office in Gatineau, Quebec.
 The Canada Lands Company is an arms-length, commercial Crown corporation that "disposes" of strategic properties that the government of Canada no longer wishes to own. Canada Lands Company owns the CN Tower, CFB Rockcliffe, Downsview Park...the list goes on. Canada Lands will demolish the Kingston Penitentiary, one of Canada's most historic landmarks, because the land on which it sits is valuable waterfront property. And I will cry when that day ultimately arrives; just as I burst into tears when a relative drove me past the Prison for Women in Kingston a few years ago. A YouTube video documents the destruction of a wall that surrounded the prison: "P4W walls coming down".

     Classified Federal Heritage Buildings include:
 The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.
 Clock Tower at The Old Port of Montreal.
 Connaught Building National Historic Site (Revenue Canada Building) in Ottawa.
 The Supreme Court of Canada at 241 Wellington Street in Ottawa.
 Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, British Columbia, and
 The Main Cell Block and North Lodge Building 2 at Kingston Penitentiary:

According to the document "A Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety" (2007):
-A mega prison will be constructed in Kingston, Ontario, and "the complex would be populated from the consolidation of six existing institutions-Pittsburgh; Joyceville; Warkworth; the Regional Treatment Centre; Kingston Penitentiary and Millhaven". (See: Page 197).
- The private sector will build the mega prison.
- Older prisons that have "outlived their usefulness" will be decommissioned." (Note: Does that mean Collins Bay will be shut down?- A.S.)
-Joyceville and Pittsburgh Institution farmland is worth $2 million dollars, while the sale of the Ontario Regional Headquarters at 440 King Street West in Kingston could net $17 million dollars.
A July 27, 2010 letter I wrote to my Member of Parliament in Nepean, to try to save  Canada's prison farms.
440 King St. West in Kingston.

Kingston Penitentiary.

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