Friday, February 15, 2013

Canada's Fahrenheit 451 - an update - UNESCO can save our cultural history.

Canada's National Libraries are being dismantled, much to the horror of librarians, researchers, writers and historians.
Librarians have been told to decentralize, photograph or basically throw away irreplaceable material from the following national libraries:
It is no coincidence, that the Government of Canada planned to sell the Sir John Carling Building,Library and Archives Canada on Wellington Street, the Gatineau Preservation Centre, the Sir William Logan Building at 580 Booth Street in Ottawa, Major General G.R. Pearkes Building and National Printing Bureau in Gatineau, in the year 2007.

Buildings have to be empty before they can be demolished or privatized. For years, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been selling  buildings, parking lots,vacant land and memorabilia.
 In January 2012, CBC librarians were told to donate, sell or discard thousands of LP's and CD's, or transfer their collections to a central location, CBC in Toronto. As I have said before, vintage LP's are a goldmine for multinational music corporations---Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group Inc.
 According to a June 1, 2012 Vancouver Sun article by John Mackie, an individual bought more than 50,000 LP's, 45's, 78's and "miscellaneous" recordings from the Vancouver CBC library. Ten thousand LP's and 8,000 CD's were shipped to Toronto, where they were probably loaded onto trucks and transported to  Warner Brothers and Universal warehouses in New York City. Check out a quote by Warner Brothers VINYL - VINYL NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE. (Google: Warner Brothers Record Store Day April 20, 2013.)
Glenn Gould recorded albums at the CBC Jarvis Street Headquarters in Toronto, the former Havergal Ladies College.

The former music library at CBC Vancouver. Photograph by  Ian Lindsay PNG.
 The Sir John Carling Building housed one of the greatest agricultural libraries in the world:
The Gatineau Preservation Centre/ Library and Archives Canada Preservation Centre has 48 vaults for the storage and handling of archival documents, images, film, and portraits.
Canada's immigration history is so important, a museum was constructed to preserve documents and artifacts ---The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

     "is an international initiative launched to safeguard the documentary heritage of humanity against the collective amnesia, neglect, the ravages of time and climatic conditions, and willful and deliberate destruction. It calls for the preservation of valuable archival holdings and private individual compendia all over the world for the posterity, the reconstitution of disposed or displaced documentary heritage, and increased accessibility to and dissemination of those items." (From: Wikipedia).
     As of February 16, 2013, only three Canadian collections were part of the Memory of the World Programme:

  1. Hudson's Bay Company Archival Record - 2007 - Archives of Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Note: In 2006, the Hudson's Bay Company was sold to an American investor.)
  2. Quebec Seminary Collection, 1623-1800 (17th - 19th centuries) - 2007 - Musee de la civilisation, Quebec.
  3. "Neighbours" animated, directed and produced by Norman McLaren in 1952 - 2009 - National Film Board of Canada, Montreal.
Please, Government of Canada, do not shred, burn, sell or give away the irreplaceable documents, letters, maps, architectural drawings, photographs, movies, artifacts, government publications, research material, portraits, paintings...that are stored at Library and Archives Canada, the Gatineau Preservation Centre, the National Printing Bureau and other federal buildings.
Staff at Library and Archives Canada flew all the way to Texas, to retrieve Glenn Gould documents and memorabilia that were stolen from the Archives. An American woman was arrested, after attempting to sell  the material on e-Bay. Glenn Gould donated his archives to the people of Canada, not to profiteers and thieves.
As I have stated before, the entire library at the Canadian High Commission in London, England was sold to the University of London, England:
     Order-in-Council - March 10, 1994 - Financial Administration Act - Agreement with the University of London Library: Transfer to the University Library the title and possession of the Canada House Library Collection at the Canadian High Commission in London, England.


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