Sunday, January 6, 2013

Words and sentences that mean nothing to the Canada Lands Company, real estate tycoons and government agencies that "dispose of" federal property:

  1. Classified or Recognized Heritage Building.
  2. National Historic Site of Canada.
  3. Earnscliffe in Ottawa was the home of the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. Macdonald.
  4. Sussex Drive is Ottawa's Mile of History.
  5. Ottawa's Greenbelt was created to honour Canada's war dead.
  6. Kingston Penitentiary was built before Confederation.
  7. Jasper National Park in Alberta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  8. One thousand Canadian lighthouses will likely be bulldozed if community groups and individuals do not buy the properties.
  9. Federal, Crown land collectively belongs to all Canadians.
  10. A public auction was held to sell CFB Chilliwack furniture, equipment and memorabilia.
  11. The Dominion Archives Building/ Old War Museum on Sussex Drive is a National Historic Site of Canada.
  12. The Universal Man, a sculpture that was created by Gerald Gladstone, lay face down in the mud and snow for years after it was removed from the base of the CN Tower in Toronto.
  13. Prime Minister Trudeau gave "the people of Toronto" 100 acres of waterfront land, so that a wall of condos would not separate Toronto from Lake Ontario.
  14. The SkyDome/Rogers Centre, and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre were built with federal and provincial tax dollars.
  15. The wetlands in La Prairie (Montreal) are ecologically sensitive and should be preserved.
  16. Camp Hughes in Manitoba is an important archaeological landscape, a Provincial Heritage Site and a National Historic Site of Canada.
  17. Most of the Diefenbunkers are gone, demolished; the remaining Cold War Bunker is now a museum, located in Carp, Ontario and owned by the City of Ottawa.
  18. The Canadian National Railway was known as "The People's Railway".
From 1976 until 1987, "The Universal Man" stood at the  base of the CN  Tower. Gerald  Gladstone created the statue
"to symbolize the earthbound human energies reaching towards a higher universal knowledge." The statue was relocated to a parking lot at the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.

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