Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The demise of Canada Post, one of the greatest Crown corporations in Canadian history.

Canada Post is ending door-to-door delivery in urban centres. The following individuals and organizations contributed to the impending destruction of Canada Post, which was created in 1867:
Moya Greene-Moya Greene fought the Canadian Union of Postal Workers; closed post offices and mail sorting plants; locked out workers and increased the price of stamps...After attempting to privatize and deregulate Canada Post, she was appointed CEO of the Royal Mail in England. After fighting with unions and closing post offices in England, she privatized the Royal Mail.
Moya Green denationalized Canadian National Railway properties when she worked for CN Real Estate. At one time, CN Rail (the people of Canada) owned 100,000 acres of land, high rise buildings in London, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta; thousands of train stations, bridges, tunnels, mail distribution centres and hotels (the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa, Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta, Queen Elizabeth in Montreal).
 A YouTube video documents the destruction of a the London, Ontario high rise building, Google: CN building implosion, London ON. 
Moya Green funneled Canada Post properties to to CN Real Estate:
A 2007 Globe and Mail ad regarding a Canada Post mail distribution plant at 1500 rue Ottawa in Montreal, Quebec.
Brian Mulroney-As prime minister of Canada, he created a new Cabinet post, a Minister of Privatization. Planned to denationalize Canada Post and the Canadian Coast Guard.

The Fraser Institute-Since the 1990's, the Fraser Institute has lobbied for the devolution and privatization of Canada Post, Canada Mortgage and Housing, the National Parks in British Columbia, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada Place in Vancouver and Fisheries and Oceans Canada properties in British Columbia.

The International Monetary Fund - see the Internet article "Fiscal and Macroeconomic Impact of Privatization."

The Bilderberg Group - members include European royalty, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Gordon Brown, Bill Clinton and the heads of global financial institutions. The Bilderberg Group believes in the privatization of profits (for the rich), and the socialization of losses (for the masses.)
 The Rockefeller and Rothchild families and Chase Manhattan Bank had ties to Marathon Realty, the Canadian Pacific Railway's real estate subsidiary. Marathon Realty privatized CPR land that should have reverted to the Crown, the people of Canada. The General Electric Corporation and Oxford Realty paid almost a billion dollars for Marathon Realty, where former premier of British Columbia Gordon Campbell was an executive.

Real estate developers who built thousands of condos on Canada Post property-including 1500 rue Ottawa in Montreal, along the Lachine Canal, a National Historic Site of Canada. After years of damage inflicted by people such as Moya Greene and Brian Mulroney, Canada Post still owns billions of dollars worth of real estate, equipment and vehicles. I'm sure CB Richard Ellis, real estate companies and foreign governments are salivating at the thought of picking through the remnants of a once-powerful Crown corporation Canada Post.
Canada Post properties in Montreal in the year 1992. From: "The Directory of Federal Real Property-1992" which can be found at Library and Archives Canada on Wellington Street in Ottawa, Ontario.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The sale of Crown assets

Canada's High Commission in London, England was sold for $530 million dollars. That money will allegedly be used to buy another diplomatic property in London, England. The proceeds will never be deposited into Canada's national treasury, the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Canada Post, the CBC and the National Capital Commission are also permitted to keep the money from the sale of real estate, that is collectively owned by all Canadians.
 In 1990 the Treasury Board decided that proceeds from National Capital Commission land sales would not go into general revenue, but could be retained by the Commission for the purpose of acquiring more land and buildings. The NCC manages the most historic properties in Canada, and the Greenbelt. The Nortel Building was constructed on Greenbelt land, and the American Embassy in Ottawa was built on NCC land on Sussex Drive.
Bill "The Father of Kanata" Teron wants to see much of the Greenbelt and the Experimental Farm in Ottawa turned into subdivisions.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation pocketed billions of dollars from the sale of real estate, audio/visual material, costumes, musical instruments, paintings...
The Broadcasting Act (1991)
Section 48 (3) Retaining proceeds
Subject to subsection (4) the CBC may retain and use all of the proceeds of any transaction for the disposition of real or personal property.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation privatized Habitat '67 in Montreal; the Kingstonian Apartments in Kingston, Ontario; Regent Park in Toronto and veteran's housing in New Westminster and Kitsilano, British Columbia. The Kingstonian Apartments at 780 Division Street, Kingston were sold for $4,388,500.00 dollars.

The Museums Act (1990) gives federal museum directors the power to sell, exchange, give away, destroy, or otherwise dispose of works of art and other museum material in its collection, and use any revenue to further its collection. The Birks Family of Canada gave the National Art Gallery in Ottawa a silver tea set, "a gift to the people of Canada". I would not be surprised if Royal Canadian Mint melted down this gift to the people of Canada:
A Birks Family sterling silver tea set being auctioned off at

The Museum of Nature in Ottawa paved over green space to create a parking lot.(They paved paradise to put up a parking lot.)
If I lived near the Museum of Nature, I would be very worried about the prospect of high-rise condominiums. A CBC parking lot in Vancouver was sold to a developer, who built The TV Towers on Robson. An underground parking lot was created for CBC-Vancouver employees. I vaguely remember someone predicting that underground parking would be constructed beneath the Museum of Nature. Condos were also built on a CBC parking lot in Toronto, behind the Jarvis Street Complex.

  And the Science and Technology Museum on St. Laurent Boulevard in Ottawa planned to sell a huge swath of land to developers, which would have displaced the lighthouse, the Dominion Observatory telescope, the train and the spaceship in Technology Park. During the 1980's, a Science and Technology Museum spaceship was sold to an aeronautical museum in Texas, through a Privy Council Order-in-Council.
The Canada Post Corporation Act (1985) gave the directors of the Crown corporation the power to acquire, hold, lease sell or dispose of any real or personal property. And believe me, they took full advantage of this law...thousands of Canada Post buildings were privatized. The Dominion Buildings that housed Canada Post, Manpower and Immigration, Canada Customs and the RCMP were located in every city and town in this country, and they were designed by the Dominion Architects. Now Canadians have to mail packages, buy stamps, and pick up deliveries in gas stations, Shopper's Drug Mart and 24-hour 7-11 stores. What a slap in the face, what a degradation of a once mighty, world-renowned Crown corporation. And Canada Post employees do not even have to wear uniforms.
The former Napanee, Ontario Post Office, designed by Dominion Architect Thomas Fuller.
The Aga Khan demolished the Bata Building in Toronto, therefore I would not be surprised if the Canadian War Museum on Sussex Drive in Ottawa meets the same fate. The Bata Building was designed by John Parkin, who also designed Toronto City Hall; the Ottawa Train Station and the Rosedale subway station.

 Bank of Canada buildings are Crown property, which means they should be owned by the people of Canada. However, a Bank of Canada building in Montreal was converted into a hotel by the multinational Sofitel. Sofitel also converted a heritage building in Lafayette Square, Washington D.C. into a hotel, which is five minutes away from the White House.

The Condos of Fort York were build on the grounds of a battlefield in Toronto; I'm just waiting for The Condos of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. Developers will show their respect for Canada's history by naming the high-rise buildings "The Montcalm Towers" and "The Wolfe Towers."

In Great Britain, Martello Towers are being converted into residential housing, according to the article "Napoleon-proof your home-convert a Martello Tower."  Canada's Martello Towers are National Historic Sites, but that means nothing, developers can still demolish heritage landmarks including the Kingston Penitentiary, lighthouses, and the St-Vincent-de-Paul Penitentiary.
The Murney Tower in Kingston Ontario is a Martello Tower built in 1846:
The Murney Tower in Kingston, Ontario has great waterfront views.

The Bata Building in Toronto was demolished.

My sister, my niece and I are standing in front of the Museum of Nature (Victoria Memorial Museum)-summer of 1984.

Friday, December 6, 2013

"Surplus" government of Canada properties.

The Dominion Coal Blocks, which are located east of Fernie, British Columbia. Parcel 73 covers 2,000 hectares of land, while Parcel 83 covers more than 18,000 hectares of land. Since the year 1905, the federal government has owned the Dominion Coal Blocks.The Fraser Institute is calling for the devolution and privatization of all federal properties in British Columbia, including the holdings of the CBC, Canada Mortgage and Housing, Canada Post, Agriculture Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Veterans Affairs and the National Parks.
The Dominion Coal Blocks near Fernie, British Columbia, owned by Natural Resources Canada.. 
"Surplus" Canada Post properties
4877 Argyle Street (and 4th)
Port Alberni, British Columbia
Land Area: 0.1370 ha.    1 Building.

Government of Canada Building
1323 5th Avenue (at Quebec)
Prince George, British Columbia
Land Area: 0.6550 ha.  1 Building

2 Laird Drive in Toronto, Ontario - a developer wants to build a 7-storey, 78 unit apartment building on the land. The Canada Post building was apparently worth $835,000 dollars.

The Notre-Dame-de-Grace Post Office in Montreal:
Notre- Dame- de- Grace Post Office in Montreal. Quebec.
Government of Canada Building
192 Stewart Street West
Vanderhoof, British Columbia
Land Area: 0.1204 ha.   1 Building

Government of Canada Building
62 Victoria Street West
Kensington, Prince Edward Island(Malpeque)
Disposal of the whole property.

Government of Canada Building
450 Main Street
Alberton, Prince Edward Island
Disposal of the whole property.

Government of Canada Building
120 Main Street
Guysborough, Nova Scotia
Disposal of the whole property.
Land Area: 0.1615 ha.    1 Building.

Government of Canada Building
15 Main Street
Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia
Land Area: 0.0697 ha.   1 Building

Government of Canada Building
1315 Union Street
Canso, Nova Scotia
Disposal of the whole property.
Land Area: 0.1070 ha.  1 Building

The Winnipeg Canada Post complex on Graham Avenue is a 12-storey office tower and mail processing

The Paul Martin Building in Windsor, Ontario.

The main post office in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A former Canada Post and Bank of Canada Building in Toronto was sold to financier E.P. Taylor and then to Conrad Black's Hollinger Inc:
The former Canada Post property at 10 Toronto Street, Toronto Ontario.

Canada Customs buildings and land

Customs House-Government of Canada Building
816 Government Street
Victoria, British Columbia
Land Area: 0.2558 ha.    1 Building.
Property Number 24426
870 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Land Area: 3.6420 ha. or 8 acres.
Queen Juliana Park at Dow's Lake is being rezoned to facilitate the construction of high-rise condos, and the Sir John Carling Building will soon be demolished. A lot of high-rise condos can built on 8 acres of land.
870 Carling Avenue was a venue for the Ottawa Tulip Festival.
The Sir John Carling Building in Ottawa, Ontario.
Service Canada Buildings and Land
Sir Lionel Chevrier (Land)
111 Water Street East
Cornwall, Ontario
Land Area: 1.2493 ha. or 3 acres.

Pinetree Line sites-The Pinetree Line was a series of radar stations operated by NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defence Command.) Located in the the northern United States and in Canada, the Mulroney government decommissioned most of the Pinetree Line stations in Canada. (Information from Wikipedia):
CFS Alsask SK
CFS Armstrong ON
CFS Baldy Hughes BC
CFS Barrington NS
CFB Beausejour MB
RCAF Beaverbrook NS
CFS Beaverlodge AB
Cape Makkovik Air Station NL
Cartwright Air Station NL
CFS Chibougamau QC- sold to a metal company and to Re-Max real estate.
CFS Cold Lake AB
CFB Comox BC
Cut Throat Island Air Station NL
CFS Edgar ON
Elliston RIdge Air Station NL
CFS Falconbridge ON - The military base was sold via an Order in Council-
Order in Council - October 23, 1986-The Surplus Crown Assets Act
    The former CFS Falconbridge. Authority for the Minister to sell 259 ha of land to General Leasholds Ltd.
Fox Harbour Air Station NL
CFS Foymount ON
Frobisher Bay AB
CFB Gander NL
Goose Air Force Base NL
CFS Gypsumville MB
CFS Hoberg BC
Hopedale Air Station NL
CFS Kamloops BC
CFS Mont Apica QC
CFS Moosonee ON
RCAF Station Pagwa ON
RCAF Parent QC
CFS Penhold AB - The Diefenbunker at Penhold was systematically demolished by the federal government after the Hell's Angels or Satan's Choice indicated that they wanted to buy the property.
The former Diefenbunker at CFS Penhold in Alberta.
RCAF Station Puntzi Mountain BC
CFS Ramore ON
CFS Resolution Island NU
Saglek Air Station NL
CFS Senneterre QC
CFS Sioux Lookout ON
Spotter Island Air Station NL
Saint Anthony Air Station NL
Redcliff Air Station NL
CFS St. Margaret's NB
RCAF St. Sylvestre QC
Stephenville NL
CFS Sydney NL
RCAF Tofino BC
CFS Yorkton SK
The Pinetree Line site that is currently "surplus" is located in Stephenville:
Property Number 00854
Main Street
Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador

Land Area: 142.7660 ha.

"Surplus" Agriculture Canada Experimental Farms
The Delhi Research Farm in Norfolk County, Ontario.
In 2005, the federal government wanted to close four major experimental farms:
1.) The Dairy and Swine Research Centre in Kapuskasing, Ontario.
2.) The Atlantic Cool Crop Research Centre in St. John's NL.
3.) The Cereal Research Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
4.) The Crop and Livestock Research Centre in Nappan, Nova Scotia.

In the year 1988, 91 acres of land were annexed from the Experimental Farm in Ottawa and sold to developers, the Clyde/Merivale lands.
The Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Ontario.
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation properties
The CMHC paid $1 dollar for the 272 hectare Blair Rifle Range in North Vancouver:
The Blair Rifle Range on Seymour Mountain in North Vancouver, BC.
A Privy Council Order-in-Council transferred Terry Hughes Park in Westminster, BC to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation:
       1991-11-07-CMHC-Transfer to the CMHC the Title to 3.5 hectares of land situated in New Westminster,British Columbia, Terry Hughes Park, for residential development.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation holdings

Graham Spry Building, 250 Lanark Avenue in Westboro Ottawa.
Lordco Auto Parts bought a huge CBC warehouse in Burnaby, British Columbia. During the 1980's and 1990's, Unitel Communications (Rogers Communications) rented the building:
     April 19, 1991-Order-in-Council
     Authority for the CBC to renew a lease to Unitel Communications-CBC Warehouse, 2555 Douglas Road, Burnaby, British Columbia.
 In 2002 the Crown corporation divested the Graham Spry Building at 250 Lanark Avenue in Westboro, Ottawa. The parking lot at the CBC Headquarters in Vancouver was sold to a developer; taxpayers of Canada paid for the construction of an underground parking lot at CBC Headquarters in Vancouver. The CBC is a wonderful institution---I grew up watching "Hockey Night in Canada"; "Don Messer's Jubilee"; Juliette and live coverage of Royal Tours. I am so fed up with the directors of this Crown corporation who cannot keep their hands off the real estate; the TV and radio archives; 600 transmission towers; one thousand transmitters; the 100,000 vinyl records that were probably given to major record companies in New York City; furniture from television programs; costumes...
A former CBC building in Burnaby, BC, rented by Unitel during the 1980's and 1990's. Rogers Communications owned 40 per cent of Unitel, the former CNCP Telecommunications.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell sold the Canadian High Commission in London, England.

A developer from India paid $530 million dollars for this beautiful, historic building, which will be converted into condos.
According to Huffington Post Canada, Gordon Campbell said:
"One of the things we decided as a government is that we're not in the development business."
Gordon Campbell has been in the development business for nearly forty years. At Marathon Realty he sold CPR land to developers, then created a real estate corporation called CityCore Developments. As Mayor of Vancouver, he changed zoning laws at False Creek and Yaletown, to facilitate real estate construction.
 When he was Premier of British Columbia, a thousand condominium units were built on the CPR Coal Harbour land, for the 2010 Winter Olympics Athletes Village; the condos were privatized after the Olympics.Premier Campbell wanted to sell off the Provincial Capital Commission properties in Victoria, B.C. PCC properties include the CPR Steamship Terminal, St. Ann's Academy, Victoria's Inner Harbour (former CPR property) and the Belleville Ferry Terminal.
 He was willing to privatize waterways in BC, for the benefit of  multinational corporation General Electric, (the massive Bute Inlet project) ---General Electric bought Marathon Realty in 1996.
 The CPR was a major shareholder of a forestry company, MacMillan Bloedel, which was sold to the Americans. According to B.C. NDP leader Carole James, Gordon Campbell gave away over one hundred thousand acres of forest land:
Gordon Campbell has presided over the biggest sell-off of public resources in BC history. Since 2004, he has given away 120,000 hectares of forest land to private interests.

During the Mulroney era, dozens of foreign embassies were divested, including the Canadian embassy at 2450 Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C. The building was sold to the Republic of Korea:
The former Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Surplus Property
3.(1) A department that has surplus Crown assets may a) Request the Minister to dispose or deal with the assets under this Act;
(b) Subject to such terms and conditions as the Treasury Board may prescribe, sell, lease,lend or otherwise dispose of or deal with the assets, either gratuitously or for consideration.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Abandoned railway lines are being sold to cable, utility and pipeline companies.

A right-of-way is a strip of land between 60 feet wide and 120 feet wide.
Abandoned railway lines and rights-of-way are being sold and leased to Bell Canada, Rogers Communications and pipeline companies. The CN Tower in Toronto is a transmission tower as well as a tourist attraction. Sir John A. Macdonald gave the CPR $25 million dollars and 25 million acres of land, with the understanding that any land not  needed for railway purposes. would revert to the Crown. And in British Columbia, a 20 mile swath of land on both sides of the railway tracks should be owned by the Crown in perpetuity.
In the  United States, the Rails to Trails Conservancy created a nationwide network of trails from former railway tracks and R/W's. The Conservancy is permitted to sell land for wind turbine farms, fiber optic/coaxial cable lines and energy pipelines.
The following information is from the book "Alternative Uses of Abandoned Railway Rights-of-Way---An Overview" November 1990- Ottawa Public Library.

The CN Tower, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, CN Skywalk and SkyDome were built on CNR land.

The B.C. government dissolved the Provincial Capital Commission.

The Art Deco building at 812 Wharf Street in Victoria features a ziggurat or a steeped tower.
The Provincial Capital Commission, a Crown corporation, owns many iconic properties in Victoria, British Columbia, including:
 The CPR Steamship Terminal,
 Crystal Garden,
Victoria's Inner Harbour,
The Belleville Ferry Terminal,
St. Ann's Academy
 The Wharf Street tourist centre.
Ship Point
Now that the Provincial Capital Commission has been decommissioned, expect to see a fire sale of heritage buildings, the Inner Harbour land and vacant properties. The PCC claims that the properties are worth $120 million dollars.What a joke.I'm sure that well-connected developers will be laughing all the way to the bank, once they flip the provincial Crown assets. The Provincial Capital Commission headquarters on Pandora Avenue in Victoria have already been given to the First Nations.
 Anyone familiar with Expo '86 and Gordon Campbell's involvement with Marathon Realty (real estate arm of the CPR) would realize that the people of British Columbia are about to lose a billion dollars worth of Crown assets.
 Former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell wanted to privatize many PCC properties, Christy Clark is only finishing what Gordon Campbell started. In fact, he is probably giving her advice.
 Legally, the BC government cannot sell the CPR Steamship Terminal, Crystal Garden and Victoria's Inner Harbour because they were owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway, and the federal government reclaims reversionary CPR properties. Architect Francis Rattenbury designed the Parliament Buildings in Victoria; the CPR Empress Hotel and the CPR Steamship Terminal.
Victoria's Inner Harbour.The Fairmont Empress Hotel, a former CPR hotel, can be seen in the background.

The CPR Steamship Terminal in Victoria, British Columbia.
B.C. NDP MLA Carole James said: "There's a concern you could see the commercialization of these heritage buildings or the selling off of these assets that belong to everyone."(From: MetroNews Canada-Luke Simcoe,November 21 2013.)
 The people of BC cannot collectively sue the province or the Provincial Capital Commission, because of a 1996 law "The Capital Commission Act":
Protection against actions-6. An action or proceeding must not be brought or continued against the commission, a member of it or any person acting under its authority for anything done or omitted to be done in good faith, in the performance or purported performance of a duty under this Act."

Post Offices are sold through a multinational real estate company, CB Richard Ellis. I saw the CB Richard Ellis high-rise office building in Newport Beach, California,which is across the street from a high-end shopping mall, Fashion Island.
  The Mulroney government wanted to privatize the Coast Guard and Canada Post.
I'm just waiting for the premier of BC to proclaim that BC Place in Vancouver will be privatized, "to lower the deficit." BC Place was built on CPR reversionary land, so legally the people of Canada should be compensated if the stadium is sold. A developer will probably tear it down, despite the fact that BC taxpayers were on the hook for $500 million dollars,"for renovations."
The Fraser Institute is lobbying for the sale of Canada Place in Vancouver, with its white sails.Canada Place is now federally owned.

In 1991, the BC government managed 379 provincial parks covering 5,364,000 hectares of land.(From a 1991 Environment Canada directory.)

The City of Ottawa designated the B.A. International Building a heritage property.

The Canadian Bank Note Company, 145 Richmond Road Ottawa.(Wikipedia).
In August of 2013, the Canadian Bank Note Company purchased the B.A. International Building:
The British American Bank Note Company Building, 975 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa.

1892-CPR Engine.
From: The Ottawa Public Library (A Carnegie Library), downtown.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Privatization benefits the rich, not ordinary citizens.

A February 1980 article in Macleans Magazine by Liberal Senator Eugene Forsey.
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher denationalized thousands of council flats in England, which were affordable housing units.Who profited from the "right-to-buy" program? The son of Margaret Thatcher's housing minister and his wife, who own 40 apartments.
Developers, who are selling former Crown property for millions of dollars. Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer frequently sell council apartments on their television program "Location,Location,Location."
The Mulroney government left office with a $600 billion dollar debt and a $40 billion dollar deficit, after privatizing dozens of Crown corporations.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty appointed several prominent Canadians to the Economic Advisory Council in 2008. James A. Pattison recently opened Ripley's Aquarium of Canada at the base of the CN Tower. At one time, "The Universal Man" stood at the base of the CN Tower-- the statue is now relegated to a shopping centre parking lot:
"The Universal Man" by Gerald Gladstone, in Toronto Ontario.
Carole Taylor was a Fairmont Hotel's and Resorts director, finance minister of British Columbia and head of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
The heirs of Donald Trump will own property that should be owned by my descendants---the Trump International Hotel and Tower, 325 Bay Street in Toronto was constructed on Canadian National Railway land. CN Rail was a Crown corporation from 1912 until 1996,now Bill Gates is the railway company's biggest shareholder.
Star Wars creator George Lucas and the Walt Disney Corporation bought land at a decommissioned military base in San Francisco, The Presidio. The Clinton administration decommissioned over 100 military bases, including the Presidio, the El Toro Marine Base and the Long Beach Naval Station, all in California. Hillary Clinton was a Wal-Mart director from 1986 until 1992---Wal-Mart is attempting to build stores on former Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields, federal land.
Barrick Gold, the biggest gold company in the world, paid $10,000 dollars for American federal land in Nevada that held billions of dollars worth of gold.

The Russian Space Agency and Richard Branson are involved with Space Tourism, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is privatizing space travel.

Former CPR properties that are National Historic Sites of Canada.

New Brunswick
The McAdam Railway Station
Montebello-Manoir Papineau, home of Louis-Joseph Papineau.
Montreal- Windsor Station. In the year 2007, Canadian Pacific marketed Windsor Station.The classified ad is from the Globe and Mail newspaper:
Quebec City- The Fairmont Chateau Frontenac Hotel.
.Sainte-Genevieve-de-Berthier- The Berthier Railway Station.
Trois-Rivieres- The Canadian Pacific Forest Product Mill. (Demolished in 2002).
Toronto- The John Street Roundhouse, built in 1929.
Toronto - Union Station - Once owned by Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk, now owned by the City of Toronto, which is ruining the building.
Canadian Pacific Railway Station- sold to the Province of Manitoba.
British Columbia
Banff National Park- The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is a National Historic Site of Canada and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Why on earth did the Canadian Pacific Railway sell the railway hotels to Fairmont?$$$$$.
Kelowna- The Myra Canyon Section of the Kettle Valley Railway. The Kettle Valley railroad bed is now part of the Trans Canada Trail.
Victoria- The Fairmont Empress Hotel.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The war against Canada's architectural history.

The following entities and laws are responsible for the scorched earth policy that resulted in the destruction of many symbols of Canada's railway,military, industrial, broadcasting and maritime history:

1. Marathon Realty-Real estate arm of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
2. CN Real Estate-Real estate arm of the Canadian National Railway.
3. The Ontario Municipal Board.

Federal Laws
The Canada Post Corporation Act
The Museums Act
The Surplus Crown Assets Act
The Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act - The loophole: Section 3.4: "This Act applies to lighthouses that are the property of Her Majesty in right of Canada."
The Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act - The loophole: Only designated heritage railway stations that are still owned by a railway company under federal jurisdiction are subject to the Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act.

The Royal Canadian Mint Act (1985) - The Mint has the power to "do all things" (melt down, I presume) to medals, commemorative plaques and tokens made of gold, silver and platinum. Every federal government building in this country featured Canada's Coat of Arms, which contained gold, silver and platinum. Thousands of Coats of Arms were stripped from Dominion Buildings when they were privatized during the 1980's and 1990's. The Air Canada Centre in Toronto was a federal building,Canada Post Headquarters.

The Air Canada Centre, 40 Bay Street in Toronto, was a Canada Post heritage building.
 The Broadcasting Act-The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation sold the Jarvis Street Headquarters in Toronto, the former Havergal Ladies College, to the National Ballet School of Canada and to developers.
The National Capital Act (1985) applies to National Capital Commission properties in Ottawa.

Federal heritage laws supersede provincial and municipal heritage laws.
The Ontario Realty Corporation owned, or still owns, the Bowmanville Prison of War Camp, Toronto's Don Jail, Guelph Reformatory, the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital and Kingston Psychiatric Hospital.

Individuals who fought to save Canadian landmarks in the past; and people who are currently trying to save historic buildings.
Mayor of Toronto John Sewell.
Federal Minister of Agriculture Bud Olson.
Federal Minister of Agriculture Eugene Whelan-The Hon. Bud Olson and the Hon.Eugene Whelan
prevented the sale of the Experimental Farm in Ottawa to developers.
Kingston,Ontario City Councillor Bill Glover is trying to prevent the destruction of Kingston Penitentiary.
Writer Andy Russell, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Agriculture Minister Bud Olson at the Lethbridge, Alberta airport.(1972)
Organizations that are preserving Canadian National Historic Sites and Monuments and heritage buildings:
The Heritage Canada Foundation.
The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario.
Save the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse - Nova Scotia.
Friends of Windsor Station - Montreal.
Friends of the Farm Ottawa and Friends of the Experimental Farm Ottawa.
The Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society saved the Georgia Cannery in Steveston village, Richmond, British Columbia.  The Cannery Row in Monterey, California is immortalized in a John Steinbeck novel; a 1982 movie starring Nick Nolte and Debra Winger, and a Bob Dylan song ---"Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands".

Save the Toronto Railway Museum! John Street Roundhouse, 255 Bremner Blvd.,Toronto, Ontario.
The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society.
Save Postal Station K - Toronto, Ontario. See the Globe and Mail article "A new uprising at Montgomery's Tavern."

Save the Notre-Dame-de-Grace and Snowdon post offices - Montreal.

Historic properties that should be preserved:
The Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa.-Photographs of my father  in front of the Lansdowne Barracks and Aberdeen Pavilion during World War 11:

Montreal World's Fair-Environment Canada is closing the former American pavilion at Expo '67, a geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. An episode of the television series "Battlestar Galactica" was filmed in the Dome, entitled "Greetings from Earth". The French pavilion is a gambling casino.The science fiction movie "Quintet" starring Paul Newman was filmed at the World's Fair, and Habitat '67, designed by Moshe Sadie was a filming location for "Blades of Glory."

Train Stations

Railway Hotels

Grain Elevators


National Historic Sites

The Cold War Diefenbunkers

Government of Canada Buildings-When a federal building is transferred to a Crown corporation, the building loses all heritage designation and protection. The de Havilland Aircraft Building at CFB Downsview in Toronto,Ontario was a Recognized Federal Heritage Building. Downsview Park is a Crown corporation.
The Prison for Women in Kingston was a Classified Federal Heritage Building when it was owned by Corrections Canada.
The Canadian Bank Note Company Building, 145 Richmond Road, Westboro Village Ottawa.

The Quadrant in London, England-The Dominion Public Building in Toronto is similar in design to buildings in The Quadrant, Regent Street, London England.( Wikipedia).

The Dominion Public Building, 1 Front Street West Toronto.The building apparently is worth $74,153,000.Placing a monetary value on a federal heritage property is usually a kiss of death.(Wikipedia photo)

"The Score" was filmed in the Montreal Customs House:

The Montreal Customs House,105 McGill Street - Montreal, Quebec.

Forestry Canada fire lookout towers-The CBC television program "The Forest Rangers" was filmed in Kleinburg, Ontario from 1963 until 1965.I never see vintage CBC television programs any more,probably because the TV and radio archives have already been sold to the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Dominion Observatory Ottawa.
Dominion Observatories-During the 1990's the federal government planned to bulldoze Ottawa's Dominion Observatory,, because of "budget cuts". The Gonzales Observatory in Victoria, British Columbia was sold to the Capital Regional District in Victoria, B.C.
Gonzales Observatory, Victoria.

Armouries- The Windsor Ontario Armoury was sold to the University of Windsor. A condo developer bought Wallis House in Ottawa, which was built in 1873.
 The Bessborough Armoury and Seaforth Armoury in Vancouver are Recognized Federal Heritage Buildings.
Banks-The Bank of Nova Scotia at 125 Sparks Street Ottawa is a Classified Federal Heritage Building.

Embassies-The former American embassy on Wellington Street in Ottawa was supposed to be a national portrait gallery. I truly believe that thousands of federal works of art were sold at the Sotheby's and Christies auction houses in Toronto, New York City and London, England. I don't want to see the digital images of federal paintings, that can be viewed on Virtual Museum websites.
During the Mulroney era, the entire Canadian Library at the Canadian High Commission in London was sold to the University of London, England, through a law called "The Surplus Crown Assets Act".

Shopping Centres-The Saskatoon Midtown Plaza shopping mall was a Canadian National Railway train station. The Rideau Centre shopping mall in Ottawa was Crown property until 1996.

Clock Towers- Halifax, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Quebec.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The CPR created Marathon Realty to manage railway properties, not to sell them.

The CPR owned the following hotels.(Information provided by Wikipedia.)
Algonquin in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.
Banff Springs in Alberta.
Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton, Alberta. 
Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta.
Cornwallis Inn in Kentville, Nova Scotia.
Digby Pines Resort in Digby, Nova Scotia.
Empress in Victoria, British Columbia.
Hotel at Kananaskis, Alberta.
Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Le Chateau Champlain in Montreal.
Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, Quebec.
Lodge at Kananaskis, Alberta.
Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Palliser in Calgary, Alberta.
Place Viger in Montreal, Quebec.
Royal Alexandra Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Demolished.)
Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario.
Marathon Realty planned to demolish Union Station in Toronto, Summerhill Station in North Toronto, Windsor Station in Montreal and the Saskatoon railway station.
A 1965 legal agreement between the CPR and Marathon Realty:

Royal York Hotel in Toronto. A tunnel connected the Royal York to
Union Station across the street.(Wikipedia photo)