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Rockcliffe Landing--a home for between 12,000 to 15,000 people.

Apparently the Canada Lands Company is going ahead with its plans to redevelop CFB Rockcliffe. Before setting foot on this sacred ground, the Canada Lands Company should deposit $1.3 billion dollars into the Consolidated Revenue Fund. CFB Rockcliffe was worth $1.3 billion dollars in 1998, and prime real estate (land) appreciates in value. Keep your $27 million dollar promissory note:

From: Defence Newsletter, July 1998.
 CN Real Estate, the precursor to the Canada Lands Company, denationalized a billion dollars worth of railway property; heritage railway stations were either demolished or sold to the private sector:

The former CNR station in Hamilton, Ontario.
A November 2007 Globe and Mail ad.

The following Internet websites are asking the Canada Lands Company to leave their communities:
  1. savecfbrockcliffe - Ottawa, Ontario.
  2. Save Downsview Park - Toronto, Ontario.
  3. Downsview Lands Community Voice Association - Toronto, Ontario.
  4. Upton Farm Preservation - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. See the YouTube video "Help Save Old Upton Farm".
  5. Friends of the Farm P.E.I. - Save Ravenwood Farm - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  6. Save the Calgary Farmers Market - Currie Barracks - Calgary, Alberta.
  7. SAVECHILLIWACK.CA - Chilliwack, British Columbia.
  8. Land Over Landings/People or Planes - Pickering, Ontario. See the YouTube videos "Land Over Landings" and "Sneak Attack on Pickering".
  9. S.A.V.E. Senneville as a Village Environment - Senneville, Quebec.
  10. Remembrance Park Senneville - Senneville, Quebec.
  11. Save Shannon Park - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - see the YouTube video "Shannon Park- Halifax".   
  12. Save Cherry Beach - Mississauga, Ontario.
  13. Save the Greenbelt! Ottawa plans to turn 1/3rd of the Greenbelt into subdivisions - Ottawa, Ontario.
  14. Keep Ottawa's Greenbelt Green - Ottawa, Ontario.
  15. Action - Save the Garden City Lands - Richmond, British Columbia. See the YouTube video "SAFEDRIVERMAN - GARDENCITY LANDS".
  16. Save Griffintown! - Montreal, Quebec. See the YouTube video "Emile Bertrand" by the United Steel Workers of Montreal.
  17. Save Our Prison Farms National Campaign - Canada.
  18. Save the Kingston Penitentiary and the Regional Treatment Centre - Kingston, Ontario.
  19. Heritage Montreal - Threatened Emblematic Sites-Silo #5 - Montreal, Quebec.
  20. Submission on Canada Lands Project - Rideau Veterans land on Smyth Road in Ottawa: "It is apparent that the consensus from the residents in the surrounding communities was overwhelmingly negative. The only beneficiaries will be Canada Lands and the developers who are contracted to do the development...This totally unnecessary and unwanted project has now been approved over our heads by the city."
  21. Preserving wetlands in the greater Montreal area - La Prairie, Quebec.
  22. Save Jericho Beach - Vancouver, British Columbia. 
  23. Save Benny Farm - Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal.
In 1972, Canada Lands Company expropriated 98,000 acres of land from Quebec farmers, to create Mirabel airport; and that same year 18,600 acres of Class A farmland were expropriated from Ontario landowners to create a Pickering airport.
The Hon. Erik Nielsen was a Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, Leader of the Opposition, Minister of National Defence and Minister of Public Works. Mr. Nielsen told writer Stevie Cameron:
     "Wherever there are large sums of money involved, the crooks will come out of the woodwork" The largest chunk of money in the Canadian government was in its real estate holdings. (From: Page 268 of "On The Take: Crime, Corruption and Greed in the Mulroney Years" paperback edition,)
The Canadian National Railway, Via Rail, Air Canada...the list goes on....refused to tell Erik Nielsen how much property they owned in 1985.

The Nielsen Report can be found at Library and Archives Canada on Wellington Street in Ottawa.
According to the 1997 document "Let the Future Begin" all federal property in Canada should be turned over to the Canada Lands Company and privatized. The Department of Public Works would no longer exist:

Federal property owned by the people of Canada in 1985.
In 1980, Canadians owned more than $60 billion dollars worth of Crown real estate, and Public Works Canada was "the country's largest realtor.":

The Harry Hays Federal Building in Calgary, Alberta was built by Public Works Canada.
Five years ago, the government of Canada denationalized:
 The Harry Hays Building in Calgary, Alberta
The Joseph Shepard Building in Toronto, Ontario.
Canada Place in Edmonton, Alberta.
The Thomas D'Arcy McGee Building in Ottawa.
The Skyline Complex, seven buildings in Ottawa.
A Revenue Canada Building in Montreal, Quebec.
RCMP Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.
The RCMP Headquarters on Jarvis Street in Toronto, Ontario were converted into a luxury hotel, The Grand Hotel and Suites:

A former RCMP Building in Toronto.

The CNR Spadina Roundhouse was demolished to make way for the SkyDome, aka the Rogers Centre. Canada Lands Company owns the land under the Rogers Centre.

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