Sunday, October 28, 2012

The winners and losers, when Canadian government property is sold.

                                                        THE WINNERS
  1. Donald Trump
  2. Carl Icahn
  3. Bill Gates
  4. Li ka Shing
  5. Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia
  6. gambling casinos - a CNR train station in Regina, Saskatchewan and the French pavilion at Expo '67 are gambling casinos.
  7. athletic stadiums
  8. Marathon Realty - the real-estate arm of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
  9. the Canada Lands Company - the real-estate arm of the Canadian National Railway.
  10. the General Electric Corporation.
  11. multinational timber, hydro-electric, bottled water, oil and gas and metal companies.
The Casino Regina in Saskatchewan.
Part of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre may be converted into a casino.

The Casino de Montreal in Quebec.



From: "The Marathon Realty Company Limited"; Nesbitt Research---February 1990.

The CPR train station in Summerhill, Toronto is now a Liquor Control Board of Ontario outlet.

  1. The taxpayers of Canada, who built the train stations, convention centres, athletic stadiums, CBC buildings, airports, Pinetree Line radar stations, Diefenbunkers, aircraft hangars, SkyTrain in Vancouver, Expo '67 pavilions, Olympic venues, Coast Guard bases...
  2. Wildlife in our national parks, who are being driven off the land by tourist operators, real estate developers and resource companies.
  3. Researchers, who will find it difficult to find information once all the national libraries are dismantled and shut down.
  4. Canada's aerospace and aviation; military and railway history.

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