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The Prime Minister of Canada wants DND to reduce its real estate holdings.

For several years, I have been trying to save CFB Rockcliffe in Ottawa, Ontario. In 1983, CFB Rockcliffe encompassed 326.22 hectares or 806 acres; see my July 20,2012 blog "1984-1985 Federal Property Profiles-National Capital Region." 

CFB Ottawa North, Rockcliffe.

 The Canada Lands Company is the main recipient of "surplus" Department of National Defence property. The CLC has already privatized 13 military bases, and they are fighting at the Supreme Court of Canada for the title to the Kapyong Barracks in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The Canada Lands Company, Via Rail and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have been delisted from a Government of Canada website called "The Federal Directory of Real Property".
The Canada Lands Company paid $27.2 million dollars for the 310-acre CFB Rockcliffe---in 1998, CFB Rockcliffe was worth $1.3 billion dollars:
From: Defence Newsletter, July 1998.

According to a CLC document "all government departments are now able to accept promissory notes from CLC in lieu of cash at the time of closing without having to obtain Order-in-Council approval." (From: Page 8- CLC Annual Report, March 31 2008-"Getting the job done".)
The Crown corporation buys real estate from DND, Canada Post, Corrections Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the St. Lawrence Seaway, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Transport Canada, Atomic Energy of Canada (the AECL property at Tunney's Pasture in Ottawa is one example), Natural Resources Canada (the Booth Street Complex in Ottawa will soon be owned by the Canada Lands Company), Veterans Affairs Canada...the CLC also occupied the second floor at the Jasper Heritage Railway Station in Jasper, Alberta, a former Canadian National Railways property. The Canada Lands Company owns a landmark called The CN Tower, in perpetuity.

In the year 2000, Parc Downsview Park, a Canada Lands Company subsidiary, bought 32 acres of land at CFB Downsview with a 19 million dollar promissory note payable in the year 2050.
Military bases are privatized via Privy Council Orders-in-Council:
October 23, 1986 - Surplus Crown Assets Act - the former CFS FALCONBRIDGE. Authority for the Minister to sell 259 ha. of land to General Leaseholds Ltd.
1986 - Public Land Grants Act - Authorize the sale of the former Canadian Forces Radar Station at Penhold, Alberta to the Province of Alberta.
November 3, 1999 - Transfer to the Canada Lands Company of 205 acres of surplus land situated at Namao, most of CFB Namao, Alberta.
2000 - Transfer to the Canada Lands Company of 618 acres of land in Edmonton, Griesbach Barracks.

Just a few of the Ottawa DND properties in 1992. (From: The 1992 Federal Directory of Real Property, which is stored at Library and Archives Canada.)

MP Bill Casey and MP Peter Stoffer helped to save the military base at Shearwater. The Canada Lands Company returned most of the land to DND in the year 2009.
Many air force brats who grew up at CFB Rockcliffe, find it very upsetting that the base will be turned over to real estate developers, see my July 19, 2012 blog "ROCKCLIFFE WAS A HEAVEN ON EARTH". The Canada Lands Company estimates that 10,000 people will live at the former base; 10,000 people is the entire population of an Ontario town called Smiths Falls, where I was born.
Musician Bryan Adams and actor Michael J. Fox were military brats---Byran Adams at Rockcliffe, and Michael J. Fox at CFB North Bay in Ontario and CFB Chilliwack in B.C.
The following words and phrases apply to Canada Lands Company real estate transactions:
undersold -"Feds undersold women's prison in Kingston" - CANOE-CNEWS.
Once the Canada Lands Company buys a heritage building, the building loses all heritage protection.
The developer plans to demolish the heritage building.
fire sale

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