Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Canada Lands Company is taking over the Booth Street Complex.

The Canada Lands Company is planning to demolish NRCan buildings that were useful for another 10+ years.
According to the September 27, 2012 Internet document "Natural Resources Canada Departmental Service Agreements:
                          Natural Resources Canada Joint Priorities and Intents for 2010-2015
A.) Real Property Services
3. Objective: Revitalize Natural Resources Canada's custodial assets.
-PWGSC to advise and partner with NRC and Canada Lands Company on replacing Natural Resources Canada's two most deficient buildings (601-615 Booth) and divestiture/redevelopment of surplus Booth Street Complex lands through an innovative Public Private Partnership (P3) approach.

A year ago and three months ago, 601 Booth and 615 Booth Street were "structurally sound".
NRCan spokesperson Jacinthe Perras told Tom Spears at the Ottawa Citizen:
     "Both buildings are structurally sound and with targeted minimal investment are expected to remain useful for another 10 years. Upgrading the buildings over time could further extend the period that the buildings could be occupied far into the future." (From a June 2, 2011 article in the Ottawa Citizen "Booth Street site in 'critical condition'" by Tom Spears.)

601 Booth Street is the office of the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA, which "gathers & disseminates information about Canada's landmass, mineral & energy resources & offshore seabeds; estimates Canada's oil & gas, coal & uranium potential...the "Frontier Geoscience Program" evaluates the resource potential of the Arctic & east & west coast offshore regions....(From: Canadian Environmental Directory 1991).

The CANADA CENTRE FOR MAPPING was located at 615 Booth Street and "uses computer & space technology to produce aeronautical charts & topographical & geographical maps; publishes "The National Atlas of Canada". (From: The Canadian Environmental Directory 1991.)
The building also housed the CANADA CENTRE FOR SURVEYING, which developed a "national survey framework; geodetic surveys; maintains & regulates the Canada-US International Boundary. Canada lands consist of national parks, the Yukon & Northwest Territories, the offshore & 2,300 Indian reserves. (From: Canadian Environmental Directory 1991.)

Jean Charest was Canada's Minister of the Environment in 1991; Jean Charest's Plan Nord will exploit the energy, timber, water and mineral resources in Northern Quebec.
I truly believe that the federal government and multinational corporations (Barrick Gold; General Electric, Alcan...) do not want ordinary Canadians to have access to NRCan maps and documents. On May 2, 2012, the federal government announced that many government libraries and archives are being dismantled, including Environment Canada's library.
They want to keep us in the dark, about the potential location of  new hydro dams and Chinese mining projects; about the environmental damage caused by resource companies and train derailments; about the fact that Canada's National Parks are being privatized; about the fact that shell companies will be created to give mega-corporations access to glacier water, the purest drinking water in the world. As I have said before, I believe that federal Crown corporations, military bases and Agriculture Canada experimental farms are being decommissioned, so that resource and real estate companies can get their hands on vast acres land; gold and diamond deposits; oil and gas....the list goes on.
The Chibougamau Military Base sat on top of the Chibougamau Goldfields, which I discovered after finding an Energy, Mines and Resources map from the 1960's:
Privy Council Order-in-Council
Chibougamau, QC - June 2 1988 - Public Works (808482) - Surplus Crown Assets Act
Sale to the City of Chibougamau, ------ Metal Inc. and  ------ --------Re/Max real estate agent ("In Trust") of certain surplus real properties and assets consisting of the former Canadian Forces Station Chibougamau which is situated in the City of Chibougamau, Quebec.
 General Electric owns huge tracts Canadian land.
 Sir John A. Macdonald gave the CPR 25 million acres of land, provided that any land not needed by the CPR would revert to the Crown. Instead of returning the land, the CPR created Marathon Realty.
 In 1996, Marathon Realty was sold to General Electric and Oxford Properties for $952 million dollars.
GE Energy is a subsidiary of General Electric, and has the following divisions:
GE Oil and Gas
Energy Management
GE Power and Water.( In 2004, GE bought 80% of Universal Pictures from Vivendi. Vivendi (Veolia) is one of the world's leading bottled water producers.)
Former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell was an Alcan shareholder and a Marathon Realty executive.

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