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Canadians collectively owned $60 billion dollars worth of Crown real estate.

In 1985, Canadians owned federal property worth $60 billion dollars. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, and Minister of Public Works Erik Nielsen told Stevie Cameron:
     "...the largest chunk of money in the federal government is in its real estate holdings. My guess, based on preliminary research I had gathered, was that it was pushing $60 billion". (From Page 268 of "On the Take" by Stevie Cameron.)
The people of Canada can thank the following individuals, agencies and Crown corporations for the loss of billions of dollars worth of GOC real estate:
Marathon Realty
CN Real Estate
The Canada Post Corporation
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
The National Capital Commission
The individuals who privatized the Canadian National Railway, Ports Canada, military bases, Dominion Observatories, the Diefenbunkers, the Pinetree Line, foreign embassies, wharves and marinas, penitentiaries, Expo '67 pavilions, Coast Guard stations, museums, aircraft hangars, armouries, most of Fort York in Toronto...

Former Military Bases
CFB Saint Hubert; CFB Rockcliffe; CFB Shearwater; CFB Chilliwack; CFS Albro Lake; CFB Shannon Park; CFB Pleasantville; CFB Moncton; CFB Jericho Beach; the Ortona Barracks in Oakville, Ontario; the Griesbach Barracks at CFB Edmonton; Wolseley Barracks at CFB London, Ontario; CFB Calgary, CFB Namao, CFB Nanaimo; CFB Winnipeg (Kapyong Barracks); CFB Chatham, N.B.; CFB Cornwallis; CFB Centralia; CFB Picton; CFB Uplands in Ottawa; CFB Summerside; CFB Penhold; CFB St. Jean, Quebec; CFB Baden-Soellingen, Germany; CFB Lahr, Germany; CFB Portage La Prairie, Manitoba; CFB Rivers, Manitoba and CFB Gimli, Manitoba.

MP Bill Casey and MP Peter Stoffer saved the Shearwater Military Base, located near Halifax, N.S.
Military Hospitals The Rideau Veteran's land on Smyth Road in Ottawa; Senneville Lodge in Senneville, Quebec. In 1985, Veteran's Affairs Canada owned 27 military hospitals, according to "The Nielsen Report" at Library and Archives Canada.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada property
The Garden City Lands in Richmond, British Columbia; 1 Port Street at Port Credit, Ontario; Trafalgar Road in Oakville, Ontario. One thousand lighthouses are now "surplus".

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada property
The Upton Experimental Farm in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; the Vegreville Research Farm in Alberta.

Former PEI Premier Pat Binns, MP Shawn Murphy and Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee tried to save the 260-acre Farm.
Atomic Energy of Canada 20 Goldenrod Street, Tunney's Pasture in Ottawa. My aunt and my stepmother worked at Tunney's Pasture for 25 years, at Statistics Canada.
 BREAKING NEWS---The Hon. John Baird announced  that Tunney's Pasture will be redeveloped; thousands of civil servants work at Tunney's Pasture. According to the August 22, 2012 Ottawa Citizen article "Clarity on intensification" by Suzanne Dore, developers and condo builders will be thrilled by the news; and vast expanses of parking lots and green spaces will be eliminated so that residents will enjoy a safer neighbourhood.
Family photograph of the Brooke Claxton Building at Tunney's Pasture, mid 1970's.

The Old Port of Montreal Corporation is a subsidiary of the Canada Lands Company
A gift of land to the Old Port of Montreal Corporation.
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Sold in 2011 for $237.4 million.

Canada Post Corporation
1500 rue Ottawa in Montreal, a massive mail processing plant was decommissioned.Dominion Buildings in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and hundreds of other locations were closed.

Corrections Canada
The Prison for Women in Kingston, Ontario; the Saint Vincent-de-Paul Penitentiary in Laval, Quebec were sold to the Canada Lands Company. The Kingston Penitentiary, aka The Big House and KP, and the Leclerc Institution may be divested to the CLC.

Transport Canada
In 2002, Transport Canada transferred 180 St. Lawrence Seaway properties to the Canada Lands Company.
Hundreds of federal airports were devolved to the provinces, cities and towns in Canada.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
In April of 1998, the residential land holdings of the CMHC, worth over $62 million dollars, were transferred to Canada Lands.
Land next to CMHC Headquarters at 800 Montreal Road in Ottawa was recently sold.
Approved September 1999 - Order-in-Council - 1999 - 1565 - Transfer to Canada Lands Company, CLC Ltd. of the title to some 42,909 square metres of waterfront land in Montreal, Quebec, known as Parc de la Cite Du Havre. (the park was known as "The Gateway to Expo '67". Parcel A and Parcel B encompass 26 acres of land.)

National Capital Commission
The Crown corporation is selling Greenbelt land.

Natural Resources Canada
The NRCan Booth Street Complex will be transferred to the Canada Lands Company, if and when the property becomes "surplus". Ottawa City Councillor Diane Holmes is anxiously awaiting the privatization of this property, so that the area can be redeveloped for residential and commercial uses. Expect to see a "wall" of high rise buildings lining both sides of Carling Avenue in the vicinity of the Experimental Farm/Dow's Lake/Little Italy. Ottawa Councillors mentioned the wall at a televised City Hall meeting a few weeks ago.

Canadian National Railway property
The Canadian National Railway was known as "The People's Railway".
CN Real Estate privatized thousands of acres of CNR land, and hundreds of train stations. See the YouTube video showing the demolition of a CN highrise in London, Ontario - CN Implosion London.  The CN Tower in Edmonton, Alberta was sold to Tawa Developments. In 1980, the CNR owned 32,000 hectares of land, according to an inventory compiled the the government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
The Canada Lands Company owns the CN Tower in perpetuity.

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