Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canadians are not apathetic

    The following websites prove that Canadians care passionately about preserving the environment for future generations:
  • Save Jasper National Park
  • Save Jasper National Park from Privatization
  • Save the Toronto Bluffs
  • savethebluffs.ca - Toronto
  • Save the dream for Toronto's Port Lands and Lower Don
  • Save Our Greenspace! - Ottawa
  • Greenbelt Coalition of Canada's Capital Region - Ottawa
  • Save Cherry Beach - Toronto
  • Save the Lakeshore Waterfront Parkland - Toronto
  • Save Jericho Beach - Vancouver
  • Action -Save the Garden City Lands - Richmond, British Columbia - The song GARDENCITY LANDS by safedriverman is on YouTube.
  • Upton Farm Preservation - The song "Help Save Old Upton Farm" is on YouTube.
  • Land Over Landings - Pickering, Ontario
  • S.A.V.E. Senneville - Senneville as a Village Environment - Senneville, Quebec
  • Save Public Waterfront - Kamloops, British Columbia
  • Friends of the Farm P.E.I. - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 
  • Save Algonquin Park
  • Save the Oak Ridges Moraine - Ontario.

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